Public Relations

Force 1 Management has unrivalled expertise when it comes to Public Relations. We believe our successful track record in this field speaks for itself.

We have a vast experience of helping to develop the image of some of the UK’s top celebrity names and we are comfortable when working with leading corporate brands.

The protection of a client’s image – whether you are an individual or a brand – is a critical part of our activity and we will always ensure it remains an integral part of the professional service that you receive from Force 1 Management.

Our team of PR experts will work closely with you to develop a PR strategy that will take maximum advantage of every public appearance, red carpet event or premiere. We have the knowledge and the clout to get you noticed, every time.

Our key goal is to create and build your public profile using our extensive media and entertainment industry contacts. From magazine and newspaper placements to strategic TV appearances and radio guest slots, your image is our core focus.

We will also maximize the impact of your online presence, which is vital for success in a digital age. Force 1 Management can design and manage your personal website to ensure it is highly attractive, both to fans and to prospective business associates.

We also offer a comprehensive service to manage all your social media needs – including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs – in order to ensure that you are constantly at the front of the public’s mind.

For our corporate clients, we understand the impact of celebrity, and we will work strategically with you to increase celebrity attendances at your events and to ensure maximum publicity for your product or business.